Creating a Non-Profit

The content for this site will be dedicated to helping those interested in establishing a non-profit philanthropic organization for their Blue Lodge. 

1. Write By-Laws for the “Corporation”. Typical articles include: Members (definition, voting rights), Directors (general powers, number, election and term, removal/vacancies, meetings, notice of meetings, quorum/voting, telephonic/electronic meetings, action without meeting, compensation and expenses), Committees (creating committees, authority, meetings), Officers (titles, election and term, removal, duties), Conflict of Interests (duties, interest, full disclosure, standards/procedures, corrective and disciplinary action), and Miscellaneous (fiscal year, interpretation, amendments). Use this process to create an organizational mission statement and structure. Do you want ex officio directors (e.g., current officers, senior/junior past masters) or directors from the ranks (e.g., members with interest and experience in leading philanthropic activities)? What mechanisms will be in place to communicate and coordinate with the Blue Lodge or Masonic District?

2. Identify worthy philanthropic activities. Why does your group exist? Prioritize goals. Does your group seek to get involved with the local public schools? establish college scholarships? help the needy? provide holiday cheer?

3. Complete the State Corporation Commission’s application for Certificate of Incorporation. After the documentation for formation is approved, the SCC will provide the group a SCC ID Number.

4. Complete Internal Revenue Service Form 1023. Form 1023 is titled, “Application for Recognition of Exemption: Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code“. This form requires copies of documents such as the group’s Articles of Incorporation (By-Laws) and State Corporation Commission’s Certificate of Incorporation. When approved , the IRS will provide the group an EIN.

5. Open an account with a local bank. Establish a checking account.

6. Coordinate effective fundraisers.